June 29, 2010

Gifts from a far

I received this lovely gifts from Mary and Andrea from when they went on vacation... THANK YOU! They are incredibly cute!

Tweezers & Tea drainer

June 28, 2010

Korea vs Uruguay

Tonight we went to watch Korea Vs Uruguay on the big screen in Ilsan football stadium. I was looking forward to this as the atmosphere in Korea at the moment is awesome. Everybody is extremely passionate about football. They love Korea and they are so proud, which is cool. The score was 3-2 to Uruguay. This was not a good result as Korea got knocked out of the World Cup. The atmosphere changed completely. It was a sad journey home!

Ganghwa do

Last weekend David and I headed to Ganghwa Island. We stayed in a quirky love motel with strange pictures on the wall. Although as usually it was clean, cheap AND had a sea view. So I over looked the weirdness! We explored the usually sights. There was a lot to see so sight seeing took up the majority of Saturday. We spent most of Sunday on a muddy beach. It was extremely muddy! I couldn't stand the feeling. It was so squidgy. I got aboard our inflatable ring at the shore and David pulled me out to sea so I didn't have to touch the slimy mud! It was too hot to do much more than sunbathe and have a dip in the water so this is what we done for most of the weekend.

June 21, 2010

Hair cut

June 20, 2010

Camping in HongCheon

We managed to go back to our favourite camping ground in Hongcheon. As it was a week day we got a prime spot overlooking the river. After setting up camp we went swimming in the river and then went to a local restaurant for dinner. The next day we got up extremely early and went to Ocean World. This was an awesome day. Ocean World was a lot bigger than we thought and the queues were a lot smaller than we thought. I am soooo glad we made it here...finally!

Ocean World

June 16, 2010

Mini Me Rule

As you know I love any form of geisha. Such as, dolls, pens, note pads, purses, mirrors, earrings, rings, t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, tweezers, ornaments, key rings, tea drainer...(yes I have all the items listed!) AND NOW *perfume*! I found these stunning little ladies in a store called Etude House. There are five different scents and ten different designs! They all have a unique character name. I think I will just collect five. I have four already! I will be buying many more for gifts to take home!

June 15, 2010


June 14, 2010

Football Weekend

As it is the World Cup I have decided that I am going to appear interested in football! Over the weekend we had a jam packed couple of days. It was filled with a lot of football but it was balanced out with non- football related activities. On Saturday at 6pm David and I went to watch Korea vs. Greece at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul. (Korea 2- Greece 0) After this match we headed into Itaewon. Had a Mc Donald’s and at 3.30am we watched England vs. USA. (England 1- USA 1) This was a long evening but surprisingly it wasn't much of a struggle to stay awake. Around 8am on Sunday morning David and I headed straight to a Jimjillbang. After a freshening up and a short sleep we went to Seoul Forest and spent a few hours playing in a fountain. After this we went on a bike ride to dry off! Overall, a jam packed fun weekend.

Korean Football Shirts!

England Football Shirts!

June 7, 2010

World Cup snails