May 6, 2010


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Finally David and I made it to Jeju Island. We have been meaning to take a trip here for over a year. We were both very excited. It was cool getting on a plane as this made it feel like a real holiday. It took just around one hour to get to the island, which is south west of mainland Korea. We hired a scooter to explore the island. This was a lot of fun!

On the first day we headed to Seogwipo. Here David and I climbed on some rocks and then went on a submarine. After this we went to Cheonjiyeon waterfall. We went on a little tour of the area on our scooter before getting some dinner in the evening. We stayed in a love motel near the docks. It was nice.

Day two was spent sight seeing Jeongbang waterfall, Sullocha tea fields. David and I also went to the chocolate museum in Ilgwa. Afterwards we went to Sangbangsan. Here we explored a temple and a huge Buddha near the coast, we ate a GIANT burger and went horse riding. After this we went to Jungmun beach. The weather was slightly overcast but it was still pretty. In the evening we went into Jeju city and went to love land. This was extremely interesting to say the least.

On the third day in the morning we explored Manjanggul lava cave and spent the rest of the day at Hamdeok beach. Here David and I went canoeing in the sea and in the evening we had a BBQ on the beach.

On our fourth day, the last day we went to Woljeong beach for one last look at the pretty ocean on our scooter. Then we headed to the airport.