August 5, 2010

Han Tan

We have spent a lot of time in Han Tan recently. It is a cool area. The first time David and I went there was to explore the 2nd Infiltration Tunnel. On this day it was closed. We were annoyed at this fact as it was a Tuesday and everything in Korea is normally closed on a Monday but not this tunnel! Our Tuesday still worked out okay. We went to view the rivers and came across a boat ride. It was extremely fun! We also discovered some swimming pools and spent the rest of the day here.

The second time David and I visited Han Tan was on a four day weekend. We decided to camp at Han Tan camping resort. This was David's birthday weekend. We went back to the swimming pools and explored the town close by Jongok. David and I also went back to the 2nd Infiltration Tunnel. It was open this time! The DMZ tour was interesting because it was not your usually coach tour. We went through the restricted area in our own car in an organized convoy. This was very cool.

The third time David and I went to Han Tan was for a girl’s birthday at work, Carlita. She had organised a day trip of rafting and ATV's. This was such a fabulous day. We really enjoyed it.

We love Han Tan!