August 25, 2010

Four Day Weekend :)

At the end of VIP David and I got a four day weekend because of the shift change. Both of us were extremely happy about this! We decided to go to Gangwon-do. David and I spent most of our time in Naksan. We have been there once before with my Mum but it was slightly out of season and the weather was getting colder.This time the weather was scorching. It was lovely. After arriving in Naksan on Friday night we headed straight to the beach. Even though it was late evening the beach was chocker block!

Saturday morning was spent at the beach. In the afternoon we visited a Temple and went on a bike ride. In the evening David and I went to Daepo Harbour and after that we went into the city if Sokcho. I have decided that Gangwon-do is my favorite province in Korea! The beaches have nice sand. They have little stones and no mud! The sea is gorgeous because there is always a high tide and the water is clear and has many cute fish that like to nibble your toes. I particularly like Naksan because it has a beautiful temple and funky fish markets that sell delicious fried prawns. Of course not forgetting Seoraksan mountain and the natural hot springs. I could go on and on!

Anyways, on Sunday after breakfast David and I headed to a ceramic museum. Here we made pottery. We both made a bowl. David’s is much nicer! We will not be able to see our finished product until a month. This is because our bowls haven't been fired yet. When they have been they will be posted to us. I hope they make it. After our craft day we went back to the beach for a few hours. In the evening we headed back to Daepo harbor and ate at a restaurant. Then we went into the city for more junk shop exploring.

On Monday after breakfast we headed straight to the beach. David and I bought Jeju ladies goggles. These were a lot of fun and very stylish! Even thought there was a storm we still had a good swim. After our swim in the ocean it was time to stay good bye. We headed towards Yanggu to stay near the 4th tunnel.

We went through a few funky towns, Inje, Hae-an, Yanggu. The scenery was stunning. Another reason why I love Gangwon-do. After checking into our Hotel we went to an Island then into town for dinner.

Tuesday we headed straight to the DMZ. I think I enjoyed visiting the 4th tunnel the most. This is because all of the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. In general I felt the most comfortable here.

After the DMZ David and I headed back to the town of Yanggu and mooched around the shops and ate dinner. On our way back we went to Lake Paro, which was breath taking. After this we went through a restricted area and came across 15-20 tanks. This was an interesting surprise.