August 5, 2010


For one of our three day weekends David and I went to Incheon. We have been meaning to go here for a while now. My mum went with Ben by themselves when they came to visit and they loved it. We caught the train from Hapjeong. It took around one hour to get there. (But it took as almost two as we transferred at the wrong stop!) As soon as we arrived I knew that I already loved the place. Right outside the train station was Incheon China Town. This was an awesome surprise. David and I looked around here for a while. There was many traditional buildings, funky restaurants and many cool souvenir shops. I bought lots of items. I couldn't believe how cheap everything was! After my shopping frenzy we had lunch in a local restaurant. We ate sweet and sour chicken, black bean noodle, rice cakes and some kind of seafood dish. I don't remember the name because it was not delicious! After our extravagant meal we left to head to the main area of Incheon, the port.

We booked in to a love motel, which had a round bed...nice! Then David and I set of exploring. We walked up and down the promenade. Ate some food. Walked around the fair ground and went on a few rides. Ate some food. Set of some fireworks. Ate some food. Had a couple of beers. Ate some food. Went exploring around the fair again and ate even more food! Korean fairground junk food is scrumptious! After drinking a few more beers on a toy ship we went to bed.

The next morning David and I went on a boat ride and then realised it was just too hot to do anything. We headed back into Seoul and went shopping in the air conditioned underground. It's a shame to hide away from the sun but sometimes you have too!

Overall the Incheon adventure was amazing and once again David and I wish to go back there but I don't think we will have time. :(