February 8, 2010

Christmas season

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December was busy with visitors. David's friend Owen came to Korea at the beginning of the month and his sister Rachel arrived on the 23rd. We showed them the usually tourist attractions and introduced them to a WIDE RANGE of Korea food. We visited the DMZ at Imjingak, and the 3rd tunnel. We went to DeokSungung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul. We also visited a cute tea shop in Insadong that Rachel discovered in the lonely planet. It had little canneries flying around as we drank our tea. We used our biscuits to lure them closer to us. It worked and we took some great photographs.

For Christmas day Rachel went on a packaged tour to Jeju island. David and I went to an Indian restaurant named Asia Asia for our Christmas dinner. It was delicious. After dinner it started to snow for the first time. Our drive back home was very pretty but we saw about seven different accidents. I guess nobody was prepared for the slippery roads!

When Rachel returned, we headed to Gangwondo and went skiing at Vivaldi Park. David and I went skiing and Rachel went snowboarding. I was extremely pleased with myself as I made it onto the upper intermediate slopes! After our ski trip we went to a very traditional jimjill bang in Paju. It was extremely strange but relaxing. I think Rachel liked it!