February 8, 2010

November...Soy Bean Festival.

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We also went to a Soy Bean Festival with Andrea and Brian at Imjingak. It wasn't as cool as the lantern festival but it was very strange and strange equals fun. There was another Hite beer van giving away free beer. Around the van was a queue of old men really drunk. Some dancing to the live music being played. At first it was funny but then one man started to dance inappropriately. It was wrong because young children were present but it was really funny! At the festival we watched Jang-gu nori traditional dances, tried some different forms of tofu, soy bean and kimchi, ate sausage, chicken and beef all on a stick and had the chance to beat some wheat. We made a wish to the giant kimchi pot and tied a ribbon to a stack of hay for long longevity. I made a soap in the shape of a temple, painted a classy porcelain Korean figure and we all got a free massages and our aura cleansed. We also went on a pirate ship and Andrea and I rode on some giant tulips and David and Brian rode on a giant panda and a mini train. In addition we bought a sword, a wax hand and a massive bag of potatoes.