April 21, 2010

Road Trip

A few of us from work took a road trip to Nami Island, in Chuncheon. It was nice to explore somewhere new. It took around two hours to get to the island. The scenery was nice to look at as everything is starting to change colour now. Yipppeee ... finally I think spring is here. When we arrived at Chuncheon we got a boat to Nami Island. We all hired tandem bicycles and rode around the island. The island was extremely small but beautiful. After going on a little peddle air car ride, drinking hot chocolate, exploring and taking photographs, we headed back to the mainland. After some ice cream Harry and I decided to do a bungee jump! It was both of our first time. We were both excited and terrified. After paying our money, we headed to the top of the 43 meter tower that over looked a lake. I was the first one up. (Or should I say down!) As I approached the edge I was sooooooo scared but sooooooo excited at the same time. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I can't wait to do a bigger jump! After this activity we headed to our hostel. In the evening we had a lot of galbi, Soju, mekju and some locals introduced us to a new drink. (I have forgotten the name) Overall it was a good night.